"The Board of Commissioners should spend our taxpayer money to improve the lives of the people and businesses of Greene County.  Budget decisions reflect our values and I have seen families suffer because of budget decisions.  There needs to be a better balance on the board, one that includes the human aspect that benefits everybody.  That is why I am running for County Commissioner this year."

Let's be real, transparency is lacking at Greene County Commission meetings.  Commissioners have set up a system to make input by citizens more difficult.  Agendas and meetings are full of abbreviations.  I think they've been in office so long, they've just forgotten about us.  Forgotten how to present to us, citizens in a public meeting clearly and in an understandable manner.

Freedom to present ideas and easy access to information needs improvement.

I'm happy to report since I made public that cameras bought with taxpayer money were not used, has been corrected.  Meetings are now taped, although I did note the Feb. 8, 2018 meeting recording says it is edited and "not the official record."   This remains the same disclaimer through current (5/31) meeting video postings. 


A commissioner position should be a non-partisan seat that serves all within the county.  Representation in our local government is important to making solid local decisions.

This includes all people and all our communities; each of them, that make this county so wonderful. 

Protecting Lands

Our townships are lacking in land protection in many ways.  This happened in Sugarcreek Township most recently as their land was annexed by Centerville.  I believe our local government needs to provide more resources to protect our townships while also protecting the rights they hold dear.

Fiscal Responsibility
Taxpayer money should go toward programs that support our community, our businesses and our families.  The Board of Commissioners should spend taxpayer money to improve the lives of the people of Greene County. 
Budget decisions reflect our values and I have seen families suffer because of budget decisions made in the county.  As a County Commissioner, I promise to serve the most people with the current budget made of your taxpayer money.
Families & Children

One third of Greene County is children.  Therefore, we must invest in our youth and families. 

The drug epidemic has impacted our communities and families.  Our jails are over crowded and our social service system over-burdened.  We must address these issues.  We must work toward long term treatment and prevention, it is not only more cost effective, it is morally responsible.

I know how different families are in Greene County and the issues they face.  We cannot turn our back on our children.  Our youth and families must be given equal opportunity to prosper.


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Paid for by Susan Lopez, candidate for Greene County Commissioner