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New Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community

Born in Dayton, I was raised in Fairborn.  Never afraid of hard work, I was an enterprising young girl who began delivering newspapers when I was 11 years old.  At the age of 16 my father passed away and I began working at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, 20 hours a week, while finishing high school & into college.

Having married a military man, I  lived various places in the United States and in Europe.  Upon my husband's retirement from the military, we relocated to the place that held my heart, Greene County.  Both of our children graduated from Beavercreek High School.


I have worked in the county and for the county for many years.  I am and have been involved with numerous organizations, agencies, committees, and task forces throughout Greene County.  I have devoted most of my career to serving people and supporting business.  I am aware of the needs of our community and citizens. 


Having worked within the county government and in managing a low budget community-based non-profit, I know how to balance a tight budget and the need to shift money to what best serves those in our community. 

When people in the county don't know where to turn for an answer, many have referred them to me to find the answer.  One of the commissioners said to me a few months ago that they needed 10 of me.  I am stepping forward for our community, for our county.

As County Commissioner, I promise to serve the most people with the current budget made of your tax money.  I will be in your community, not just a figure head.  You will gain easy access to information, commissioner meetings, and work sessions.  You will be able to have a voice and be heard about issues that are important to you.   I am your clear path forward to integrity, commitment, and action.


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Susan Lopez is working on programs for us and our communities!


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